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29 July
Quarterly Statement 9M FY2024
Press release, analyst & investor web conference
11 November
Preliminary Full Year Results for FY2024
Press release, analyst & investor web conference
09 December
Annual Report 2024
Press release

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Q&A Session - Key Takeaways
Q2 FY2024 Conference Webcast
Q2 FY2024 Results Presentation
Interim Report Q2 FY 2024
Q1 FY2024 Conference Webcast
Q1 FY2024 Results Presentation

Stabilus at a Glance

  • Global market leader in gas springs, dampers, actuation systems for tailgates, trunk lids, frunks, side doors, as well as in automation, workholding, remote handling and tailor-made motion control solutions
  • Diversified by end-markets, geographical regions and clients
  • Strong track record of sustainable and profitable growth: revenue CAGR (2013-2023) of 10.2% with solid double-digit adj. EBIT margins
  • Strong cash flow generation and returns on invested capital
  • Proven ability to execute value accretive acquisitions
  • Excellent growth outlook driven by new applications of existing products, innovation and current mega trends, e.g.,
    • increasing demand for comfort and convenience,
    • increasing health and safety standards,
    • increasing demand for automation (as a result of demographic change, labor shortages, as well as reshoring)
  • Corporate Governance

    Stabilus supports the principles of good Corporate Governance for the purpose of responsible, transparent management and control focused on the long-term growth of company value.

  • General Meeting

    Information on our Annual General Meetings and documents from past Annual General Meetings.

  • Sustainability

    Environment, social issues, good corporate governance – for the Stabilus Group, living sustainability is one of our core values. In particular, we focus on six sustainable development goals of the United Nations that we can influence directly. We are already working on their implementation with specific measures.

  • History

    Innovation from the very beginning: Customer-oriented motion control solutions are the common theme of the Stabilus history. Founded in 1934, the company has evolved over nine decades to become a global expert and the leading brand for motion control applications.

  • Compliance at Stabilus

    True business success cannot only be measured in figures – but also in compliance with fair business practices. For us at Stabilus, it is a clear aspect of our corporate policy to make a positive contribution to honest and sustainable business and social practices.

  • Experience Stabilus Motion Control virtually

    Discover Stabilus Motion Control in 3D in the Business Park on our website which you can access via the following link.

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